April 16, 2018

Visual Identity

The Visual Identity of the Remote Experimentation Laboratory of the University of Santa Catarina was developed in order to modernize, personalize and add quality to the visual aspect and services.

Considering the pre-established requirements for characterization of the logo: technology, remote control and experimentation, several alternatives were created and studied until the final result.

Different users from different places connect to RExLab. It works, therefore, as the basis of a complex structure and can be considered the point at which users seek to contact. This is why the concept of branching (one point that is divided into several) is used. To materialize this concept we use the tree that, besides being an ecological symbol (social), graphically represents the proposed idea.

The color used refers to the social and technological issues constantly addressed by RExLab. The initial "r" in a lowercase character represents the branch, more specifically the tree branches. The canopy gives the idea of ​​virtual transmission of information. The ellipse formed suggests the scope and speed of the internet

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