March 28, 2018


The Remote Experimentation is a research area that aims to increase the human capacity beyond its limits by using Internet resources and other technological means capable of providing remote access to experiments, enabling people to share resources once unavailable.

From this concept, was created in 1997 the Remote Experimention Laboratory, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), which currently is part of a network of 12 universities (Rexnet) in five different countries. RExLab has as one of its objectives to meet the need for social appropriation of science and technology, popularizing scientific and technological knowledge by encouraging young people to become interested in scientific and technological careers. It is needed to pursue initiatives that integrate science education to the educational process by promoting the improvement renewing education in all levels, emphasizing actions and activities that enhance and encourage creativity, experimentation and interdisciplinarity.



Generate, systematize and socialize knowledge through teaching and research at scientific-technological areas of Computational Systems and Smart Robots, Knowledge Systems and Accessibility and Technology, contributing to the formation of professionals and citizens capable of promoting society transformation and development, and emphasizing remote actions to the extension of the provided services.



We have as aim RExLab being a national and international reference because of the excellence of its scientific activities, besides the promotion of knowledge between many areas, enabling the Laboratory to be an institutional prominence.



We hope to get in RExLab an atmosphere of fellowship and understanding within the physical research environment, that can act as a facilitating factor, promoting joint collaboration and cooperation in various developed and outgoing projects, as well as encouraging the participation in all of our areas of research. RExLab essential values are freedom of expression, participative management, respect, co-responsibility, ethics, transparency, cooperation and collaboration.

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