April 23, 2018


      Technology Integration in Basic Education


The project is structured in two axes:

   Teacher training


   Integration of technology in the classroom

The InTecEdu platform has a compatible environment for mobile devices, a customized and attractive interface for students and personalized courses with various multimedia resources, such as videos, games, simulations, among others ...

O projeto conta com:

20 Escolas de Educação Básica

350 Professores Capacitados


67 Professores Participantes


6.570 Alunos




  • Prof. Juarez Bento da Silva, Coordinator
  • Prof.ª Simone Meister Sommer Bilessimo
  • Aruan Cuenca Carrara
  • Herculano Henriques Chingui Chitungo
  • Isabela Nardi da Silva
  • Josi Zanette do Canto
  • Josiel Pereira
  • José Pedro Schardosim Simão
  • Karen Schmidt Lotthammer
  • Karmel Cristina Nardi da Silva
  • Lucas Mellos Carlos
  • Mitchel de Vargas Silva
  • Paulo Manoel Mafra
  • Rosemere Damasio Bard
  • Willian Rochadel
  • Project
    Promoting digital inclusion in schools of Basic Education
    of the public network from the integration of innovative technologies
    of low cost in the teaching of Natural and Exact Sciences
    2016 - current
  • Project
    Proposal of methodological strategy for the integration of technology
    in the teaching of STEM subjects in Public Basic Education
    2014 - current
  • Project
    Use of Remote Experimentation in Mobile Devices
    for Basic Education in the public school system
    2014 – 2015
  • Project
    Use of Remote Experimentation in Mobile Devices
    for education
    2013 – 2014

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