Illustrated History: Mbya Guarani culture and history reports from an indigenous perspective

The project aims to contribute to the preservation of the history and culture of the Guarani courts through the making of comic books about the daily life of the villages.


How was it done?

Comic book workshops at the indigenous school

Mobile device usage

Comic Book Publications

  The work contributes with the learning of students/Indians, with an understanding of the writing system (Portuguese and Guarani), mastery of new technologies and appreciation of Brazilian indigenous history and culture.

Faça download do e-book gratuito "História Ilustrada: Relatos da Cultura e História Mbya Guarani sob a Ótica Indígena" neste link.

Team :

  • Prof. Juarez Bento da Silva, Coordinator
  • Prof. Simone Meister Sommer Bilessimo, Adjunt Coodinator
  • Prof. Jaqueline Steffens da Rocha, Coordinator
  • Jadson de Stefani, Scholarship
  • André Vinício Bialeski Vieira, Scholarship
  • Isabela Nardi da Silva, Contributor
  • Angela Paula Drawanz Gotzke, Contributor



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