Circuit Wars

Download here the electronic circuit simulator in addition to Circuit Warz.

Circuit Warz - Re-imagining Engineering Education

The digital game Circuit Warz was developed at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, produced by the team of Professor Michael Callaghan. The existing partnership between RExLab, and the research group coordinated by Professor Callaghan gave the RExLab team the opportunity to translate the game into Portuguese, which is now available for download in order to capture users' opinions about the game.

The game is set in the near future when Earth is under imminent threat of alien invasion. As the alien ship approaches, it passes the Earth's last line of defense, a laser installation on the Moon. The laser is about to shoot and destroy the aliens when it is sabotaged and has malfunction.

The player/engineer must solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles through the practical application of circuit theory under severe time constraints to fix the generator to fire the laser and save the planet from destruction. The game has seven levels increasingly difficult to complete, based on fundamental electronic and electrical circuits typically found in first year undergraduate engineering courses.

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